MBA Part Time

Program Structure

The Part Time MBA program includes a series of courses and a thesis. The duration of the program is defined in 6 quarters. The courses of the first four terms are common to all students. In the following quarters, students are given the opportunity to deepen, in subjects of their immediate interest, through elective courses.
Teaching, exams and research are conducted in Greek, while the bibliography is predominantly in English.
The teaching hours of each course are set at three per week.
The requirements of each course may include assignments in addition to exams. Course attendance is mandatory for all students, and missing more than 25% of the lectures automatically results in a failure in the course.
At the end of the three terms, the student is obliged to prepare a thesis. The student proposes the topic of the thesis, which must be approved by the relevant professor and by the Director of the Master's Program. The responsible professor is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the diploma thesis, which will be individual.
The thesis must be submitted for assessment by the end of September of the second year of the study programme. A copy of the thesis is also deposited in the office of the Program Director.


1st Quarter

Management and Leadership Skills

Financial Accounting

Quantitative Methods in Business Decisions


2nd Quarter

Business Economics

Human Resource Management

Financial management


3rd Quarter 

Management Information Systems ( MIS )

Marketing Management

Operational Research


4th Quarter

Management accounting

Business Strategy


5th Quarter (students choose one of the following specializations)

1st Specialization: Business Organization and Management

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Conflict Management and Negotiations

International Management

6th Quarter - Two (2) elective courses from:

Strategic Change Management


Portfolio Management and Investment Valuation

Project Management

Sales Management and Business to Business (B2B) Marketing


2nd Specialization: Organization and Management of Energy Businesses

Environmental Planning and Sustainable Develpment

Energy system transformation and the role of Renewable Energy Sources

Energy Financial Markets Regulations

6th Quarter -  Two (2) elective courses from:

Microeconomics and Industrial Organization

Supply Chain Management

Financial Derivatives on Energy Markets

Project Management


7th & 8th Quarter: Diploma Thesis

Students undertake the research and writing of a Diploma Thesis on topics of their choice under the guidance of faculty members. The paper is judged and graded by three faculty members. The final text of the Thesis should be submitted by September 30 of the second academic year. 

ECTS: 30 credits

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